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I’m afraId we’ll have T0 be paTIenT an0n





Commissions are open.

  • Paypal only. 
  • I draw: Fanart, Fancharacters, Original Characters.
  • I don’t draw: Nude, porn and gore in any way. So in general Nsfw.
  • Prices for Commissions vary, depending on the character and the amount of details I put into them.
  • If you don’t want me to upload the image on Tumblr or any other website you have to tell me so in your e-mail.
  • I have the right to decline Commissions.
  • Payment first. Also I won’t cover the paypal fee.

If you are interested send an E-mail to, and shoot me an ask on Tumblr so I check my E-mails right away. 

Okay guys, I’m sorry but I have to ask you all a big favor.

I just found out I’m in a huge debt, And I mean HUGE. (We’re talking almost 2000€ here)

You would all do me a really fucking big favor if you could commission me. Or if you don’t want me to draw anything just donate a little bit.

My PayPal is

I hate to do this and I seriously don’t even know how this could happen. All I know is I have a problem and I need all the help I can get. My mother can’t help, her left bodyhalf is paralyzed, my dad has a family to take care of.

It would also mean a lot if you could signal boost this.

You could seriously save my ass I am so shocked, I can’t even cry.

I am sorry to disrupt your dash like this, but I could really use some help right now. I’m sorry to ask something like this.

Anything helps! Seriously I’d do quick rough colored bust sketches like this for every 3-5$ donation.


And if you commission something bigger I offer drawing in this new soft style without charging extra.




Um! Help?? Oh god, help.

OK, so… If any of you know me you know the stories about my previous apartment. The owners are horrible nightmare people who suck up money like a vacuum while neglecting the tenants and the grounds. We just found out we’re going to have to pay a full month’s rent ($595… which they jacked up from $475 when we moved in) even though we’re supposed to be out by 5/25.

Plus our car tags are up to renew. JFC. Why all this at the same time.

Plus we’re paying rent on our new NOT TERRIBLE apartment all at the same time. Don’t even start me on bills. All this just happened together at the worst time. We thought we were going to have more than we did. >< I wish we didn’t have to have two apartments overlapping but this was the only opportunity to get away from that old place and those horrible owners. You have no idea what it was like… ;___;

TL;DR: we are super tapped out right now please help if you can oh god. If you can get a commission from me I am yours forever, much like what happens when you give Hussie a horse. Even though I haven’t had finals yet I will forego studying to draw you a thign. plz.

I WILL DRAW ANYTHING (aside from nsfw, please, I beg) and it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HOMESTUCK. I can try furries and ponies but I have no goddamn idea how to draw those, BUT BY CRACKY I WILL TRY.


  • Chibis/Logos/Sigs/Icons - $5 (includes color)
  • Sketch - $5
  • Line Art - $10
  • Line Art + Color - $20
  • Line Art + Color (Shaded) - $25
  • Illustrator - $30
  • Illustrator + Photoshop piece - $40

My commission deets are located here along with way more art examples than this.

Send me an ask HERE and I will give you my email so we can correspond.

Serious inquiries only, please! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP!!

((So you aren't dead? D: This blog isn't dead? I thought you got way too busy to not be able to upd8 anymore. ))

(( Well ……….This blog is not dead but ……On hiatus.

Right now, I’m working on a french comic for contest, so yeeeep, i’m kind of trying to concentrate on this.
Also i admit that after mostly working on anything Homestuck for roughly a year and an half (maybe more i don’t remember when i exactly started this blog tbh =v=;), i need a break to get back to my own characters.

In case if there is people wondering, I don’t intent to close this blog, there is still some things i meant to explore with Handmaid, just not right now. 

I might update time to time, or do things like the april fool update but i won’t post as much as i used to. ))

Handmaiden you are entirely too anime with that haircut. I mean i know you're a vaguely Asian themed lady but Jesus its like you are anime all the time.




((Hi! And happy belated April Fool day!
As you may have guessed there’s been a little art exchange between rp blogs uvu.

I have to thank the sweet Cat from asktrolljegus for this awesome answer and for her patience with me (I’ve been quite long before giving her a good question to work on >_>;)

As for me, some might have realized that I’ve done a lil thing for Zee’s rp blog, askthevvioletmariner :D

Asktrolljegus and Askthevvioletmariner are two wonderful askblogs please check ‘em out! ))

Handmaiden you are entirely too anime with that haircut. I mean i know you're a vaguely Asian themed lady but Jesus its like you are anime all the time.



Blog opening:  Complete. Ask away, guppies.
 Reference for this particular Condesce included, B) 


Blog opening:  Complete. Ask away, guppies.

 Reference for this particular Condesce included, B) 

TL;DR Ancestor Timeline


(This has been requested, so now I’m making a TL;DR version of the Ancestor timeline with all the facts that we know of and that I can remember.

The whole thing is very long so I’m going to put a read more in there. I hope you find it helpful! :D)


  • The Condesce appears on Alternia and grows up to kill the previous Empress and becomes Empress herself.


  • Dualscar, The Grand Highblood, Darkleer, Mindfang and the Dolorosa appear as grubs on Alternia in no known order.
  • They grow up.

Read More






Let’s talk about some askblog etiquette, shall we?

So, today a thing has been going around in fandom you’ve probably seen, which has caused a bit of an influx in my askbox regarding the whole ordeal around dolorosa’s death

Which is fine. You know I don’t mind people asking questions about canon events because that’s what I’m here for.

Except these? These aren’t questions. These are anon hate directed at Dualscar. Like, literally, I got a ‘question’ today about how much of a monster Dualscar is for ~taking the Dolorosa away from Mindfang~ the way he did, and how they hoped his death was painful.

Which is where you might go ‘so? he’s a fictional character. It’s not like his feelings could get hurt.’

Except, you know, while Dualscar might be a fictional character, I, the person who runs this blog, am not. And I have to sift through this tripe. I have to deal with this anger from a stranger, regardless of whether it is directed at me or no. And that’s really, really not funny.

I understand the appeal of taking whatever dislike you have for a thing out on a character, but the askbox of an askblog is not the right place for your venting your frustrations. People run askblogs for things they like, and they do so with their spare energy in their free time. If you don’t have the common decency to respect that there is a real human being behind this character, regardless of how much you might dislike them, perhaps you need to reconsider leaving questions in people’s askboxes at all.

((Pay attention, folks.))

[[Please know that this goes for all askblogs! All mods would greatly appreciate your consideration for them! ;33]]


We do not roleplay character so you can fucking vent on the mods.
Do not bully someone because they roleplay a character you dislike.
We are not the characters we are humans being just like you.

If you’re not capable to understand such simple fact, you should seriously question your mental sanity. ))